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San Francisco City Impact – December 2022

BAMM is planning to meet with SFCI leaders, Adopt-a-Building volunteers and community leaders this December to begin a dialogue around what the TL community’s needs and assets are. Our goal is for this conversation and subsequent dialogue to inform what BAMM teams in lockstep with community leaders and SFCI can contribute to the health of the TL community.

San Francisco City Academy – February 2023

BAMM is planning to support SFCA with another team devoted to the holistic health of the K-8 student body through health screening, nutrition education, vision assessment and in-class education on the milestones of life. We are tentatively planning on this happening in mid-February 2023. If you’re interested in being a part of this team, please check out the ‘Join BAMM’ page – the link is at the top of this site.

City Church – Fairfield – Fall 2022/Winter 2023

BAMM is beginning to be more involved with City Clinic and its ministry. Likely future avenues for collaboration may include creating a ‘Micro-Eden’ contemplative garden for the residents at City Livin’, offer training and retreats for those who have experienced adverse childhood events (ACE’s), and supporting the medical clinic in its care of the community.